The future is inevitable. What you do about it...is not. Futuring offers our clients both a strategic and creative process to anticipate and plan for the long-term. We help clients narrow down what is possible to what is plausible, and ultimately identify probable futures that can inform present day decisions.

New to Futures? Let us introduce you.

Futures Studies (aka strategic foresight) is a practice and a field of study about the future. Futures studies does many things, but one of the things it does not do is make predictions. It’s about forecasting and imagining multiple plausible scenarios and narratives.

World Future Society - Making the Future

World Future Society - Making the Future

Our futures team co-sponsored the 2015 World Future Society Conference in San Francisco this past summer. While attending, we had the chance to interview and film leading futurists on their visions, plans, anxieties and ideas for the future. Follow more of the Futurestorming series here.