The future is inevitable. What you do about it...is not. Futuring offers our clients both a strategic and creative process to anticipate and plan for the long-term. We help clients narrow down what is possible to what is plausible, and ultimately identify probable futures that can inform present day decisions.

Let's Reinvent the Future in 1 Hour (Watch)

Futures in 1 Hour (F1H), is a guided activity for anyone who wants to learn how to think like a futurist. The tool is designed to teach the basics of futures thinking. F1H demonstrates how futures can be used to ignite critical thinking, storytelling and creativity to make better long-term business decisions, and engage with others to create better tomorrows. F1H is available under a Creative Commons license. Please download, use and share it freely.

Learning to Think Like a Futurist

Learning to Think Like a Futurist

The future is coming – are you ready for it? It will help if you learn to think like a futurist. Learn about our Futures in 1 Hour tool to discover and plan for possible scenarios.